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Tellurium Q Ultra Black, Black Diamond & Entreq Vibbeaters – Customer Feedback!

One of my customers has dramatically improved his system (and his enjoyment of it) over the past few months with the addition of some fabulous Tellurium Q cabling. A pair of Black Diamond RCA interconnects and some Ultra Black speaker cable has really opened up his system and given him a bigger sound with greater clarity, more depth, scale and definition with much improved rhythm and timing.  The system in question is based around the Musical Fidelity X-Series (the original lozenge shaped range) and some Dali floorstanding speakers.

The customers enjoyment of his system has changed beyond belief and he is now hearing detail in albums he knows well for the very first time. Here’s an excerpt of an email from the customer…….

I’m in seventh heaven! I just can’t believe it, I’ve been sat slack jawed in amazement for hours. It’s like it makes its own time for the music and there is this amazing effect when a note rings off it’s seems to put this black silence in between that and the next note so you get this wonderful natural sounding fluidity and clarity. It’s just something else. I wouldn’t have guessed I could hear what I am hearing from my low end system and speakers, especially in this room, sitting too close the the speakers. I am hearing details I never new existed on well trodden albums I only listened to in close detail two or three days ago! And the dynamics of drumming.. clarity and control of bass.. 
I’m totally bowled over! I really want to give you some money! Ha ha.. you said before you never hard sell (which is why we are still talking, good policy i hate that) but to be honest you don’t need to! Just convince people to demo! I can’t even imagine what it would do to a higher end system. 
If you are thinking about upgrading your cabling please give Tellurium Q a try, it consistently acheives brilliant results with all manner of systems at hugely varying levels as well. It is not all about uber-expensive high end kit.


After a couple of months of having these cables in his system, the email conversations slowly moved towards Entreq as the customer had never heard any of their products and was intrigued after reading my website.
I sent him a pair of Vibbeaters to try on top of his speakers, these quirky looking mice certainly raise lots of eyebrows, their job is quite simple – absorb unwanted vibrational energy.


What are Vibbeaters and What do they do?
Vibrational energy created by treble typically vibrates from 5 to 20 kHz and as a result the front baffle of your speakers (plus the sides, rear and top) will sympathetically sing along from around 400 to 900 Hz. Using vibration cartography on a speaker it is easy to see that most speakers have a life of their own regardless of what noise the speaker is actually producing. A lot of good musical energy (the type we want) is lost and a lot of the negative energy created by the cabinet itself gets in the way of the musical signal, masking the true performanace of the speaker.
Poor bass clarity, mid-range smudging with a slighty forward presentation is a common result…..sound familiar?

If you remember your basic physics lessons you will know that you cannot get rid of energy but simply convert it into another form. This is a fundamental law of physic’s and of course nature. Entreq have choosen a route that converts un-wanted energy into heat, as this is the least harmful to the precious musical signal.

‘Vibb eaters’ consist largely of Entreq’s own dedicated copper-based sand mixture with the addition of small quantities of, amongst other things , specific precious metals. The properties of this mixture offers very interesting characteristics, particularly in the areas of magnetic fields, field effects, as well as dealing with physical vibration & surface energy. When you place a ‘Vibb eater’ on top of your loudspeaker speaker or on top of an amplifier or CD (any electronics basically) equipment the vibrations and various magnetic fields that come from the box’s are absorbed, then through the mechanical friction between the copper granular mixture the excess energy is converted into very low level heat.

It’s easiest to experience first hand the effect Vibbeaters have on your speaker by simply placing one ( there are a number of different sizes & weights for different speaker or electronic’s cabinets) on top of your speaker while music is playing through them. Placing your hand on the speaker you should find that it is now almost free from vibrations but If you then move your hand/fingers and touch the ‘Vibb eater’ you will sense a great deal of activity, especially near the very top of the Vibbeater.

Guess where all the energy has gone?

There are 6 different sets of Vibbeaters in the range, varying in size/weight. I sent a pair of Vibbeater Midi to the customer which are £190 a pair, they weigh 3Kg each and are in the middle of the range. Here’s the feedback I got from him once he’d had a few days playing with them.

Vibbs.. these are fascinating. I really am impressed.. and almost uniquely in the with hifi, they are tangible! Without the Vibbs I can feel substantial vibration in the cabinet, once you have them in place the cabinet becomes a world of calm and you can actually feel all the vibrations in the Vibb and crucially sitting outside the speaker cabinet..! And the results speak for themselves! I’m not sure how to describe it.. whereas the speaker cable improved my system, it seems like the Vibbs actually change my system..! It’s almost ethereal.. I feel like I have different speakers.. like £1000 speakers not £500. The effect is much harder to describe but no less impressive for it.. there is so much ‘space’ in the music now. Busy parts of a song were getting a bit muddy before, but now there is this incredible sense of space and clarity and the ‘gaps’ are so quiet, everything is improved in such an unexpected but fabulous way.

Initially the sound is almost a bit ‘strange’ and then after a bit of time it suddenly seems right, then if you remove them you immediately want to put them back!

You warned me Entreq is addictive.. I completely get it! I am looking forward to more Entreq experiences…

If you have a pair of speakers you would like to improve the performance of, but don’t necessarily want to change you should try a pair of Vibbeaters, they aren’t for everyone I appreciate due to their looks and the fact they stand on top of your speakers, but I’ve had 3 customers recently try Vibbeaters under their Dali, Focal and Proac speakers and all 3 customers were delighted with the improvements they brought to the speakers presentation.

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