15th January 2023 · Latest News

The Ear awards the Melco N50-H60 a ‘Best Buy’ Award!

The Ear is a superb online resource for all things hi-fi and audio, they review equipment, music, they comprehensively cover all of the shows and also features a number of very useful how to guides on their website.

10 days ago they published their review of the Melco N50-H60 Digital Music Library, there are actually 2 versions of the N50 available, the N50-S38 which has a 3.84TB SSD drive (£4999) and the N50-H60 which uses a conventional 6TB HDD (£2999), but their review is all about the 6TB version. You can read the review in full here

Both versions of the Melco N50 look visually identical and other than having new feet they also look the same as the older N1A model (which is now discontinued), but once you get under the lid things are quite different, with a larger more efficient PSU and a new method of mounting the HDD to eliminate vibration from effecting the drive (and subsequent performance)

Unsurprisingly, it has received a great review and it has received a Best Buy from their reviewer Chris Baillie.

Here’s a copy of the conclusion of the review which sums up the H60 quite nicely!

“In the N50-H60 Melco have made evolutionary updates over the N1A/2, which should help maintain their sonic superiority over the competition at its price point. There have been some interesting new arrivals to the marketplace over the last few years, with offerings from Innuos among others pushing the quality of servers in this sector. While it is fair to say that Melco’s products will suit those audiophiles who are a little more tech-savvy, the EX updates have broadened the brand’s appeal considerably. I feel confident that with the N50-H60, Melco has cemented its position as the manufacturer of the best-sounding server for sensible money”

You can get both versions of the N50 in black and silver and they are available to order now, part exchange is welcome if you have an N100 or N1A to trade in, please get in touch for more info

Melco N50-H60 @ Audio Therapy Melco N50 @ Audio Therapy

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