1st January 2024 · News

A Fyne start to the New Year!

We’re kicking off 2024 in style with the arrival of Fyne Audio’s superb F1-8S loudspeakers being unveiled on demonstration.

These are the first floorstanding model in the F1 Series, they are priced at £12999 a pair and they bridge the gap between the F1-8 (£7499) and the F1-10S (£27999), as you can see there was a substantial jump from the F1-8 to the F1-10S and thankfully with this new model Fyne have kept the price closer to the F1-8, they sit nicely at the price point where the old Avalon Idea once reigned supreme and I think these speakers will be a popular option.

This new model is a floorstanding version of the F1-8, the cabinet has the same physical footprint and same drive unit arrangement, but standing next to one another the F1-8S is few cm shorter than the F1-8 on their dedicated stands, it makes them appear smaller and less imposing. Standing at 1086mm tall they are not too imposing, no issue running these in a typical UK living room.

With sensitivity rated at 91dB they are not difficult to drive at all – in the short time I have had them I’ve been running them with a variety of different amplifiers, from the Gold Note IS-1000 Deluxe to the Vitus SIA-025 with 2 or 3 models inbetween – as ever the better the amplifier the better the end result from the speakers, but so far I’ve not felt short changed at all from the F1-8S have delivered.

They are typically Fyne with their sonic presentation – very natural and effortless with a palpable soundstage that you can almost step into – given their price point I suspect these will take quite a few people by surprise, they have superb scale and bass extension.

A more in depth blog post will be coming soon once I’ve had more time with them. Partnered with a Vitus RI-101 mk2 it makes for a really compelling, yet simple system. With the DAC/Streamer module fitted to the Vitus you literally just need a network connection to get up and running.

Anyone who would like to have a listen please get in touch, as ever part exchange is welcome.

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