20th May 2024 · Stillpoints

All new Stillpoints Ultra 1 V2 now available

All new Stillpoints Ultra 1 V2 now available

Stillpoints have just released a new addition to their range, the Ultra 1 V2, this model slots in between the Ultra SS v2 and Ultra 2 V2.

Since its release 3 or 4 years ago the Ultra 2 V2 has been really popular and they always take people by surprise when they experience what they can do, the only criticism that has been levelled at the Ultra 2 is with regard to the size of them, they are quite tall and when installed under a component they do elevate it up somewhat.

The new Ultra 1 is a smaller, less expensive alternative, it offers a substantial slice of Ultra 2 performance just in a smaller package, the Ultra 1 is available in powder coated black only and they come in packs of 3 or 4, priced at £720 or £960 making them £240 each.

There is a single technology pocket on the top and a 1/4-20 thread on the bottom, the thread can used to attach to loudspeakers with the use of the correct sized Stillpoint adapters.

Stillpoints Ultra 1 V2 @ Audio Therapy

As with the other Stillpoints models the remit of the Ultra 1 is to mechanically lower the noise floor of whatever you use them with. Small micro-vibrations and high frequency noise is contained within all devices in a system connected to the mains, and by floating that device with Stillpoints you are giving that noise somewhere to go.

By doing this you heighten transparency and resolution and increase the amount of air and space you get around the music, they aren’t a subtle addition in most cases. With 4 Ultra 1 installed underneath the Alluxity Int One mk2 amplifier and the Gold Note DS-1000 Network DAC it only takes a few seconds of music being played to hear the impact that they make.

Stillpoints Ultra 1 V2 @ Audio Therapy

They improve the timing, textures and increase the purity/clarity of the system and importantly they make things simply sound tonally correct. Stillpoints can offer a profound improvement in the musical performance of a system, but that system has to be a good place to begin with, they open the window, but in some systems  once that window is opened the end result isn’t always to taste, in a well balanced and carefully curated system this is never an issue, but a system put together blindly based on deals and brand reputation all bets are off as to what could happen – to this end home trials are no issue, as well the Ultra 1 V2 I carry the complete range of Stillpoints on demonstration. Please get in touch for more information.

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