6th July 2019 · News

Melco Summertime Gift Incentive!

If you have been thinking of purchasing a Melco Digital Music Library there has never been a better time, over the summer months Melco are running a brilliant incentive programme and anyone who purchases a new machine is able to claim a free gift!

The promotion is live now and runs up until September 8th 2019 and is based on a simple points system. Every Melco Music Library has a number of points allocated against it. For example, the entry level Melco N100 is worth 2 Melco points and the flagship N1ZS/2 is worth 10 Melco points. The points you are rewarded based on the Melco you purchase can them be converted into a gift and pretty impressive they are too!

N100 = 2 Melco Points

N1A/2 = 4 Melco Points

N1ZH/2 = 6 Melco Points

N10 = 8 Melco Points

N1ZS/2 = 10 Melco Points

The incentives themselves are as follows

8 Melco Points – FREE Apple iPad for use with Melco App

6 Melco Points – FREE Red Letter Day Gift Voucher £250 Value

5 Melco Points FREE Tidal HiFi Hi-Res Streaming Account for 1 Year

5 Melco Points FREE Qobuz Sublime Hi-Res Streaming Account for 1 Year

4 Melco Points FREE Buffalo 6TB Drive Station Back Up Drive

3 Melco Points FREE Buffalo BRXL CD Loader

3 Melco Points FREE Buffalo 4TB Drive Station Back Up Drive

2 Melco Points FREE Melco Ethernet Cable 0.5m, 1.0m, 2.0

2 Melco Points FREE HighResAudio Downloads Voucher worth £75.00

2 Melco Points FREE Native DSD/Channel Classics Downloads worth £75.00

1 Melco Point FREE Thundery Hill Crafy Gin

The gift can be claimed easily via a simple claim form you can download from the Melco Masters Website!

Enjoy your Free Gift should you decide to get onboard with Melco!

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