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Melco N10 EX Digital Music Library


  • EX Series
  • Roon Endpoint
  • 3TB Storage
  • Dedicated USB-DAC Port & 2 x Ethernet Ports
  • Home Demonstration Available


The Melco N10 is a completely new concept for Melco being a 2 box design, designed to extract the best possible performance by separating the power supply from head unit. Priced at £6999 the N10 sits right inbetween the N1ZH/2 and the flagship N1ZS/2.

The main head unit has a 3 TB 2.5 inch small form factor hard drive with all signal processing and connectivity, while the separate linear power supply is totally isolated from the head unit.

The elegant solid aluminium casework has the familiar Melco OLED display and simple 4 button interface for simple operation and setup.

The front panel has the familiar Melco OLED display and four control buttons – from this simple interface both initial setup – just language and time zone – as well as advanced customisation can be accomplished.  When playing music the OLED is very informative showing file name and data format.  All connectivity of external devices is also confirmed on the OLED.

Playing directly from CD using a USB CD loader such as D100, or playing directly from a USB drive, the OLED and buttons give full browse and navigation.

The front panel USB port is convenient for connecting either USB drives or USB optical drive to import files or directly play.

The rear panel has two additional USB ports which allow for USB connected CD loader, or USB HDD for music import or play.  Additionally also Expansion of the internal capacity with either an IT USB HDD or the high sound quality E100 expansion drive to increase capacity of the N10 without any additional settings.

Ethernet connectivity is special for all Melco machines – there are two ports.  One is a dedicated Player port that connects directly to a network player or streamer without any intervening data switch or IT devices that would compromise sound quality.

The second Ethernet port is the LAN connection for access to the N10 for music transfer, control of the N10 local player from a control App, and for accessing streaming music services, activating direct music downloads, and making Firmware updates with just one click from the Internet.

A newly designed power management system in then Head Unit ensures stable and reliable operation.

The 3 TB hard drive is supported on the Melco HS-S2 – Highly Stable Storage System – to limit the influence of vibration. The HDD is mounted on a heavy stainless steel plate for damping heat-sinking, and there is additional 3 mm plate to complete the acoustic isolation.

Housed in the same elegant solid aluminium casing as the Head Unit, the Power Supply has a toroidal transformer and extensive filtering to ensure a low noise supply.

Connection to the Head Unit is via a multi way cable with Neutrik connectors.

The Power Supply Unit is supported on 3 isolating feet from TAOC.

Melco N10 @ Audio Therapy

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Head Unit 3Kg, Power Supply 5Kg


Head unit 215x61x269 mm, Power supply unit 215x61x273 mm


2 Years Parts & Labour (3 Years if Registered)

Free UK Shipping


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