Entreq Olympus Infinity Ground Cable


  • Flagship Ground Cable
  • Massive Upgrade in Performance
  • Unrivalled level of Grounding
  • Standard Length 1.65 m
  • Free UK P&P


Entreq Olympus Infinity Ground Cable

Entreq launched the Olympus Infinity Ground Cable as their flagship model early in 2019, it came about as an advancement over and above the now discontinued Atlantis, the previous flagship cable, brilliant in its own right but in some systems the Atlantis could sound too warm and dark. The Olympus is more like an Apollo on steroids than an Atlantis when you listen to them side by side in a system.

In order to hear an Olympus Infinity Ground Cable really do its thing in a system it should be used with one of Olympus Ground Box – Olympus Ten Tungsten, Olympus Infinity T, Poseidon etc.

Available now with Free UK P&P

Standard cable length is 1.65m, longer lengths are available upon request as a special order.Most standard lengths are shipped within 48 hours, depending on the termination required lead time maybe longer.

Olympus Infinity Ground Cables come supplied with interchangeable ends, which twist/lock on or off (a bit like a BNC connector), so if you buy an RCA cable you get a detachable RCA connector, if you subsequently change that component and the RCA end is no use you simply order a replacement bayonet of the required type and you fit that instead. The bayonets are £140 each to purchase separately and are available as RCA, XLR (both male and female), USB (type A), RJ45, 3.5mm, Spade and 5 Pin Din.

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Entreq Apollo Infinity Ground Cables @ Audio Therapy

Additional information

Termination Type

RCA, XLR (Male), XLR (Female), USB, RJ45, 5 Pin Din, Spade to Spade, 3.5 mm

Cable Length

1.65 metre

Free UK Shipping


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