Melco S10 Data Switch


  • Flagship 2 Box Data Switch
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Melco S10 Data Switch

The Melco S10 is a 2 box data switch announced by Melco in the spring of 2022.

This is Melco’s flagship switch and sits above the popular S100 switch

The S10 is a 2 box design, the main ‘head unit’ offers 8 traditional ethernet sockets (4 x Gigabit ports and 4 x 100mb ports) and 2 SFP ports for connection to a fibre kit like the ADOT.

The 100mb ports have been optimised to deliver the best audio performance and you would typically connect your Melco player to one of these ports, the gigabit ports are faster and and are used for connecting to a computer, a Roon Core and any other devices that generate higher traffic volumes.

Build quality is exceptional and the S10 head unit is a lot heavier and more solid than the S100 – one of the differences between the S10 and S100 is the rigid steel framework snd internal isolation.

The power supply has been built without compromise as well and has been designed with low noise and clean power in mind.

Do not assume an S10 is simply just an S100 with an external power supply or that an S100 with a good aftermarket PSU will match an S10. The S10 takes what an S100 does, but elevates it to a completely new level of performance, the impact it makes needs to be heard to be truly appreciated.

On permanent demonstration


4 x 100Mb/E RJ45
4 x 1000Mb/E RJ45
2 x Fibre SFP/LC

Dedicated 12V Toroidal Separate Power Supply

Size 215 x 61 x 269mm (W H L) x 2
Weight 13KG

Model name
Silver : S10P-E    (Head unit:S10-X      Power unit:PU10-12V-E DC cable:OP-S10)
Black : S10PB-E  (Head unit:S10-XB   Power unit:PU10-12VB-E DC cable:OP-S10)

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Black, Silver

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