Tellurium Q Black Diamond Interconnect Cable



  • Incredible scale, weight and soundstage
  • Available in RCA and XLR
  • 1.0 Metre Length
  • Free UK Shipping



Tellurium Q Black Diamond Interconnect Cable

The Black Diamond interconnect was Tellurium’s flagship cable, up until the release of the Silver Diamond.

The Black Diamond is totally neutral and transparent in it’s presentation. It will tell you exactly what your system is doing. Dynamics and timing are top drawer, bass response is superb, clean, extended, hitting hard when required. Vocals are presented with an almost holographic presentation, not forced or sibilant in any way, just incredibly detailed and natural. Tonally the Black Diamond sits just on the darker side of neutral and for me it’s strongest aspect is how deals with the bass, if you are fan of the low stuff this is a superb cable.

Available in both RCA and XLR termination

With the RCA version the plugs are lockable to ensure you get the best possible fit as RCA sockets can vary ever so slightly in size.


Additional information

Termination Type


Cable Length

1.0 Metre

Free UK Shipping


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