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Tellurium Q Silver Power Cable


  • Superb Tellurium Q Power Cable
  • Incredible Insight
  • 1.5m Long
  • Free UK Shipping


The Tellurium Q Silver Power Cable is priced at £1199.00 for a 1.5m length and for me this cable hits a real sweet spot in the range of TQ power cables.

It combines the very best bits of the Black power cable, in terms of being smooth and full bodied, but it also integrates into the signature sounds of the Silver range of cables, so it delivers greater levels of energy and dynamics with much more insight into the music you are listening to.

It almost sounds like it can a make a system stand up to attention but without ever sounding fatiguing or aggressive in character. This cable uses the gold version of the brilliant Furutech FI-UK 1363 Mains Plug.

It may sound excessive to say to a £1200 power cable represents good value for money, but when you hear what this does to the performance of whatever you connect it to…….





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Free UK Shipping


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