28th October 2022 · Latest News

Shunyata Research Venom X Loudspeaker Cable now on demonstration

Shunyata Research launched their new Venom X range of cables back in the early summer of this year, we’ve had a few different cables from with the range here since launch and they have been going down very well with those customers who have borrowed them and I am delighted to announce that the Venom X Loudspeaker Cable has arrived at long last!

As with the other Venom cables the speaker cables have been designed by Shunyata’s founder Caelin Gabriel and follow the same design process and thinking, they are manufactured from high quality pure copper and they have been designed with great performance and superb value in mind.

A 2.0m pair are priced at £1995 so they aren’t exactly entry level, but these cables will happily sit along other cables cost much more than the price of admission. For those who require longer lengths Shunyata offer increments in jumps of 25cm, each increment is £75 so a 3m pair would be £2295, so the price per metre drops as the length increases.

In performance terms Venom X are incredibly neutral, they aren’t rolled off and dark sounding like some and they aren’t lively, clinical or artificial either, they are just very accurate, clean and immediate. Leading edges that are supposed to have some attack have plenty, but it is never excessive or unrealistic. Bass weight is superb as well.

Our demonstration lengths are 5m long and home loans are most welcome, if you require any more information please get in touch

Shunyata Research Venom X Speaker Cable @ Audio Therapy

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