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Vitus Audio Munich High End 2023

As always Vitus Audio put on a superb room at the 2023 High End Munich Show last month, they were showing off a brilliant system with a couple of newly updated models on display in the all new white finish. Originally white was going to be a custom finish only, but Vitus have decided to offer it as a standard finish along side jet black and warm silver. It is in an incredibly striking finish, they look great in the images, but the photo’s don’t do them justice, they look even better when you see them up close and personal. In terms of other finishes Vitus offer Titanium Orange, Titanium Silver and Champagne as cost options along with a bespoke service if someone wants something unique (pictured at the bottom of this post is an SIA-025 mk2 in blue)

Vitus were demonstrating their new version of the stunning SD-025 DAC / Streamer, this mk2 model has a new heavily revised and tuned streaming board, it is just about ready for release, Vitus are just waiting for Roon certification to be finalised which hopefully should not be too long. Roon functionality will also be introduced into the newly revised DAC board for the RI-101 mk2 amplifier and also the new standalone reference DAC, the RD-101 mk2. All pricing and lead times to be confirmed in due course.

Vitus Audio @ Audio Therapy

Vitus were also showcasing their stunning new mono power amplifiers from the Signature range, the SM-103 mk2, weighing in at 75kg each this new amplifier delivers 100 watts per channel in Class A mode, they offer an endless amount of power and they never got remotely close to running out of steam, they will drive any speaker in existence without any issue.

The system they were using at the show comprised of an SCD-025 mk2 CD player for disc replay, the new SD-025 mk2 DAC for streaming duty and an SL-103 Linestage connected to the SM-103 mk2, speakers were Focal Scalas. Vitus spent several days fine tuning the system and when Lukas gave me a demonstration late one afternoon when it had quietened down (I was the only person the in room) it was a very special experience indeed. The speakers were completely invisible and it was effortless in the way it presented the music. Regardless of whether the volume was quiet or driven hard (we did both) the system remained composed, linear and a real joy to listen to, very tactile and intimate with superb realism and expression.

All new Vitus products come with a 6 year warranty now, providing the purchase is registered with them.

I keep on permanent demonstration the RI-101 mk2, SIA-025 mk2, SIA-030 and the SD-025 (soon to be the mk2), the RD-101 mk2 will also be making an appearance in due course as well. Please get in touch for more information or to arrange a demonstration of this very special brand.

Vitus SCD-025 mk2 @ Audio Therapy Vitus SIA-025 mk2 @ Audio Therapy

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