21st June 2019 · Melco Audio

Melco D100 CD Drive in Black!

The brilliant D100 CD ripper from Melco Audio is now available in black!

They previewed this wonderful new finish in Munich. It really looks very good in the flesh and in my opinion it is nicer than the existing silver finish. To those customers who have black Melco’s but have been holding off purchasing a D100 due to it only being available in silver you have no excuse now!!

The D100 has been incredibly popular since its launch, a few customers who a bit scetpical over the benefit it would bring (a rip is a rip and all that), but everyone who has bought one absolutely loves what it does and I know of a good number of customers who have all re-ripped their entire music library on the D100 to take advantage of its incredibly accurate rips. If your Melco is connected to a USB-DAC the D100 can also operate as a CD transport so super flexible.

Remember, the D100 is not just for Melco users. If you rip CD’s on a computer, using dBPoweramp or EAC for example, there is nothing stopping you from connecting the D100 to your computer as an external USB drive.

The N100 is available in black now as well and the E100 Expansion Drive and the N10 will be coming soon in black.

Melco D100 in Black @ Audio Therapy

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