Entreq Pluton Ground Box


  • All new Entreq Ground
  • 3 x Olympus Infinity Tungsten in 1 box!
  • Massive capacity to lower noise
  • Part Exchange Welcome


The Pluton Ground Box is one of the latest generation of flagship ground boxes from Entreq.

The Pluton is 3 of the Olympus Infinity Tungsten Boxes in one large, newly designed and constructed box. It is built using the same 3 constrained layer method as utilised in the Athena equipment stand.

Weighing in at 42kg this is one seriously large and powerful ground box! It is 42 cm wide x 34 cm deep x 35 cm tall.

There are 6 posts on the back, with 3 separate zones of grounding.

It’s best to think of it as a turbo-charged Poseidon in a way.

A popular option with the Poseidon has always been to connect to the negative speaker outputs of your amplifier and that will continue with the Pluton as well. It leaves you with an extra zone of grounding (over 2 posts) so you could connect to your pre-amp and DAC at the same time.

There is no right or wrong way to configure a Pluton, it all depends on your system. But however it is used it delivers a dramatic uplift in performance – low noise to the extreme, it adds nothing to the presentation of the system, but it allows you to experience your system at its very best.

A single Olympus Infinity Tungsten Ground Box is £4000 and so to buy all of the bits that comprise a Pluton separately would cost £12,000 so it actually represents really good value for money at £8000.

Available for home demonstration and part exchange is welcome as well.

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