T+A PA 2000 R Amplifier


  • Slimline R Series Integrated Amplifier
  • 100 Watts Per Channel
  • Brilliant Performance
  • 6 Line Level Inputs
  • Available in black and silver
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T+A PA 2000 R Amplifier

The T+A PA 2000 R is the smaller of the 2 integrated amplifiers from the R Series. It is a relatively compact design and is only 8.2 cm tall and is fairly unobtrusive.

As with its bigger brother the PA 2500 R the PA2000 is a dual mono design, meaning that the left and right channels are completely isolated  from each other – even in mechanical terms. The two separate amplifier circuit boards – with input section, volume control, high-voltage amplifier and current amplifier stage – are housed in the right-hand half of the case, where they are shielded from the mains power supply and the output section by the massive heat-sink.

The circuitry in the PA 2000 is identical to that in the PA 2500, you simply get more power and a much bigger PSU in the larger model, but don’t think the smaller amplifier is low on power, it offers 100 watts into 8 ohms and is incredibly well controlled.

The PA 2000 R has more than enough connectivity for most users with 3 pairs of RCA line level inputs and 3 pairs of XLR inputs, there is a headphone socket on the front as well.

Tonally it is very clean and neutral, terms that are often misconstrued as soulless, but it is anything but – the PA 2000 is incredibly engaging and really easy to get along with.

The MP 2000 R mk2 CD/DAC/Streamer is the ideal partner for the PA 2000 R

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