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Tellurium Q Black Diamond Streaming Cable


  • Replace your basic Ethernet cable
  • Offers a superb performance upgrade
  • 1.0 Metre Long
  • Free UK Shipping


The Black Diamond Digital Streaming Cable is put simply, an ethernet cable, but one that performs at the Black Diamond level! Priced at £780.00 for a 1 mete length, the applications for this cable are quite substantial!

It can connect your network streamer (Naim or Linn for example) to your router, you could also use one between your NAS drive and your router, this way all of the musical signals that are being passed around your network are using this better cable.

If you have a Melco and it are using it with an existing streamer like a Naim, you could connect the two together using a Black Diamond Streaming Cable. Or if your Melco is connected to a USB DAC and you use the Melco to stream Tidal or Qobuz this cable makes for a very worthwhile upgrade!

The improvements this can make on a good system is incredible, it literally will give you more of everything, more detail, an increased sense of scale, whilst remaining totally natural in its presentation. Don’t be surprised if you find this cable elevates streaming music services to a whole new level!


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1.0 Metre

Free UK Shipping


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