8th June 2023 · New products

Shunyata Research Typhon T2 on demonstration now

The Shunyata Research Typhon T2 Power Conditioner has finally been unveiled on demonstration!

It’s been little while coming due to one thing and another, but it’s here and up and running. Over the coming weeks I’ve quite a few customers who will be experiencing the Typhon T2 first hand in their systems, it will be quite an eye opener for some I’m sure.

It is tremendous product and a real showcase for Shunyata to show off how good their mains power technology really is, as with everything that comes out of Shunyata the Typhon T2 is the result of significant R&D, lots of listening and plenty of blood, sweat and tears! Since it launched earlier in the year it has proven to be a very popular product, used with both new and existing Shunyata customers alike.

I wrote a blog post on the Typhon T2 a few months ago outlining how it worked, I’ve linked to that blog below so I’m not repeating myself here, it’s well worth a read to get an understanding on what it’s all about, but in really simple terms the Typhon T2 is a standalone 2 zone power conditioner that uses the exact same QR/BB module that is used on the flagship Everest, this module is patented by Shunyata and it acts a large reservoir for storing current and can provide it to the connected components faster than it can be provided by the mains directly.

For those with a simple system that only uses 2 boxes it’s a perfect solution – as an example I recently installed a Typhon T2 for a customer with a Vitus RI-101 mk2 Amplifier with the DAC module and a new Melco N1 and it was a superb and instant improvement to an already excellent system. But, that isn’t the end of the Typhon’s abilities……

If you already own a Venom UK6, Delta UK6, Alpha A10 (the 3 Shunyata models without the QR/BB module) or even the Denali (which uses a QR/BB module but a smaller version of it) you can add a Typhon T2 along with a special umbilical cable to connect both conditioners together, so you get all of the gains of the Typhon T2 across all of your existing sockets plus the 2 extra sockets in the Typhon T2 – which should be considered the primary sockets, it’s a superb upgrade and even improves the performance of the Denali. The image below show the Typhon T2 connected to the Venom UK6 with the umbilical cable.

Ultimately any system starts with mains, get the foundations of that correct at the start and everything that follows will improve!

The Typhon T2 is priced at £5500 excluding an XC power cable if using as a standalone unit, the umbilical cable to use with an existing conditioner is £750.00 for 0.5m, add £90 for every half metre above that.

I keep of the Shunyata Power Conditioners on demonstration, including the Everest, please get in touch for more information or to organise a demonstration!

Shunyata Typhon T2 @ Audio Therapy

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