21st February 2020 · News

Vimberg add Velvetec as a matt finish option

Vimberg have just made the announcement that they have added Velvetec as a finish option to their Amea, Mino and Tonda loudspeakers. the Velvetec is a matt, textured finish and still oozes the world class build quality and attention to detail you expect from Vimberg.

The high gloss finish still looks incredible, but it’s not for everyone to be fair, so this new matt option will certainly tick a few boxes for certain customers, they are slightly less labour intensive as well which is makes this finish a little less money than the gloss option which is always good. The Velvetec is very durable and isn’t as much as a dust or fingerprint magnet as the gloss option.

The Amea in Velvetec is £11400 a pair (£13600 in gloss), the Mino are £24800 in Velvetec (£27000 in gloss) and the Tonda are £30000 in this new finish (gloss Tonda’s are £32300).

The standard Velvetec options are Summit White and Jet Black, but other finishes are available upon request such as Slate Grey, Sonoma Orange and Amethyst.

Looking at the image of the Mino below the velvetec finish almost makes the lines and angles more defined and they really stand out, they look fantastic!

We have a gloss pair of Mino on permanent demonstration and if you want to find out how good they really are please get in touch, they geniunely have no difficulty in troubling other loudspeakers at getting on for twice their price.

Vimberg @ Audio Therapy Vimberg close up @ Audio Therapy

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