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Entreq Primer Pro

Pictured above is an Entreq Primer Ground Box with an XLR Cable, this box comes included with all of the Entreq Primer Signal Cables.

Primer and Primer Pro is the entry level range of Entreq cables and they produce USB, Ethernet, RCA & XLR Analogue and Loudspeaker Cables, they are also have 2 power cables and a 4 way UK Power Block to complete the range. The Primer Pro Power Cable has recently been upgraded and now includes a Ground Cable and Primer Ground Box. The Primer Pro 4 Way Power Bar doesn’t come with a Primer Box as standard, but it does have a ground cable, the thinking behind this is you ground it on the 2nd socket on the box that comes the Pro Power Cable as typically most people end buying at least one power cable and the bar itself.

The Primer Pro cables have been incredibly popular this past few months and it has been serving a great introduction to Entreq for a lot of new customers. No matter what brand of cables a customer has previously owned the Primer Pro has always stood out against them in a really positive way. Everyone who has tried something in their system has ended up being really impressed by what they offer and how they work.

Entreq Primer USB Cable @ Audio Therapy

Primer Pro RCA Interconnect (1.1m) £650

Primer Pro XLR Interconnect (1.1m) £850

Primer Pro Speaker Cable (2.5m pair) £1000 (additional 0.55m stereo increments are £80.00)

Primer Pro USB Cable (1.1m) £400

Primer Pro Ethernet Cable (1.1m) £390

Primer Pro Power Cable (1.65m) £580

Primer Pro Power Bar (4 Furutech UK sockets with a captive 1.65m Primer Pro Power Cable) £1150

Each signal cable comes included with the Primer Ground Box and all required Ground Cables, so you get everything you need in one box to get up and running. Some of the feedback we have had from new Entreq customers is the range is perhaps a little too extensive and can be a bit bewildering in terms of the number of options. The Primer range is designed to be high performance with simplicity in mind.

If you value musical engagement and a natural presentation which is fatigue free they are a brilliant choice, if you a are detail retrieval fiend they probably aren’t for you to be fair, but if you are looking for tonal accuracy and a well balanced, even handed presentation they could be the perfect choice for your system.

In typical Entreq fashion they all punch well above their relatively modest price points. Part exchange on your existing cables is welcome

Entreq Primer Pro Power Bar @ Audio Therapy

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